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Kerem hotel Group: Elma Hotel / Gordonia Hotel

Elma | Art Center

Elma | Art Center

Elma Hotel – Luxury Hotel in Zichron Yaacov

To give voice and create a home for art and artists – this is the vision that motivated Lily Elstein to found the Elma Arts Complex. The corridors and hallways of Elma showcase works of prominent Israeli artists in natural, bright but never direct lighting, while statues of well-known sculptors stand in interior patios, balconies and exterior footpaths for our guests and visitors to admire. In addition to Elma’s own collection, the three expansive Elstein galleries feature changing exhibitions, making the place a living and breathing modern museum. Right from the moment you enter the building, the sense of a place saturated with the contemporary spirit of art engulfs you.

Elma also holds a central place for classical, popular and jazz music, as well as for various types of performance arts, such as theater and dance. Its two halls – the Elma hall and the Cube – are equipped with state-of-the-art acoustics. The halls were designed and built by world-renowned Arup/Artec Consultants of New York. Both are fitted with sophisticated sound and lighting equipment by Waagner Biro, to suit all styles and genres of artistic performance, and both include well appointed dressing rooms.
Elma is also an ideal venue for festivals: the International Mozart Festival, the French La Folle Journée Festival, and the Israeli Majesta Fest – each of which attracts thousands of people in dozens of events.